Monday, April 14, 2008

I finished something!

So I finally became visible again... Lu didn't return my body in too rough shape. There were teeth marks in places that I don't really want to think about. *shudders* But I still had all my fingers and toes, and that's all that really matters!

So I've been (not so) hard at work on my store... It took me, what? 6 months? I dunno. Avoiding work is HARD! But finally it's done! Now I have to work on making a main store, since all my shit doesn't fit in this store.... Ugh. It'll be done sometime after New Years at this rate. Anywho... It's called Critters in the Attic... And if you like pretty stuff you should go look!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Long time no see, eh?

My my... I am quite the blog land slacker. I've just been a busy busy little bee fluttering around setting up my new shop and trying to avoid setting up my new shop... You know the drill, work sucks and all.

So I log in to the game that will remain un-named... Rumor has it they want a little trademark thingy next to their name from now on, well I have the solution to that! I just won't say it at all... Neener neener!... Back to what I was saying. Logging in, and what now? I have to download an update? Oh great... Buggy and hard to use was just what I wanted to deal with today! Yaaay! Right-o.. So I downloaded it and of course, I can't seem to find my body. So as of this moment I consist of some floating hair, eyeballs, and eyelashes with various other prim clothing parts.


Thanks for the quality update guys!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rub a dub dub... soapy boobies in the tub!

As soon as I figure out how to make flickr stop hating me so damn much... I'll post the zillions of pictures I took of myself naked in the bathtub! I spent two days shopping, staring at myself and snapping pictures... Just what my already giant ego needed!

Monday, March 10, 2008

AHHHH!!! Say it ain't so!

Today I was shopping around... Looking at the new ETD hair, the new re-releases at Last Call (I wasn't impressed)... And I decided to stop by Storm Schmooz and look at the new boots. Totally cute... I was wandering around, looking for an excuse to buy all the other lovely shoes on the wall when I saw them.... The cutest strappy sandals evah! I ran across the room, as fast as my freakishly small size zero little feet could take me to buy them.... And WHAT!? They aren't for sale!!!! Ahhhh! I couldn't even buy the demos!

I promptly threw myself to the floor and screamed in agony... Why god WHY??? How could you show me something so lovely and not let me have them right now!?!

...My little soul is crushed.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Peeping Frenchy!

Well, today was fairly uneventful until laaate laaate... I guess you could say eeeearly eaaarly depending on what your bedtime is... I was chattering to Lu and hiding in my bedroom changing in and out of a zillion outfits trying to decide what to wear. Now, this in itself was odd, I normally just stand out in my yard and drop my drawers. (We live in a pretty quiet sim and our neighbors mostly just keep to themselves when I see them at all) But someone new bought the lot next to us and I could see him wandering around off in the distance... I figured I should be a polite neighbor and not flash my hoohaa around... Someone might go blind.

So I'm inside, chattering and tossing pants and discarding shirts all over the room... And I notice that new neighbor is creeping closer and closer on my radar. "Uh oh" I think, "He must be coming over to introduce himself." and I try to hurry up and make a selection so I can say hello, when I notice him stop about 24 meters from me... I made a joke to Lu that he must be peeping in my windows trying to watch me jumping around the room with one leg in my jeans... She makes her way over, probably to try to sneak a peek herself, and sure enough he's floating right above my house. That isn't even the creepy part! ...He's got some kind of cloaking on and the only reason she spotted him at all was because she could see his name tag. Peeping tom! Peeping tom! Eeeeek! So naturally, being the lovely overprotective roomie that she is... She hollers something about him being a creepy pervert and boots his ass!

I throw on some clothes and scamper over to her house, and this guy is IMing her... Ranting and raving in broken English... Apparently he's French. ...Now I'm not too sure how it works over there, being ill-mannered and American... But I sure know that creepy stuff like that isn't neighborly over here!

"[23:05] gibus Oh: Do listen well to me my small? I am going to be soon neighboring with you, My companion "Laetitia menges" has just bought the land or me me trouveje simply visits... The next time that you block me? do you go have have make has me, ok? You? You are not going to block no one more, I promise you it. Don't I speak English, am I Corsica (france), I have just translated this text so that you understand very well that it won't be necessary more ever to make me รงร , you understood well? [23:06] Luna (name removed): Umm, don't do invisible peeping anymore, and never a worry."

So that was pretty much it... But I'm now officially creepied out about changing clothes. I mean, come on! At least have the decency to camera spy from inside your house so no one knows! Sheesh...

...I feel dirty.

(Above I'm pictured in my loooovely new window seat I made for my upstairs sitting room. I'm wearing Shiny Things Old Laceup Boots in brown and Hippie Delux Bracelets in Brown, Corduroy's Catero's leggings, Armidi Limited - Long Sleeve A01 Shirt [Dark Blue], and Classic A001 Jean Skirt [Regular], and Boho Gypsy Necklace, Mixed Cherry Woods -EARTHTONES boutique. My hair is Deviant Kitties [Reds RB] Ember, my shape is one of my own designs... called Linzi of course! And my skin is *blowpop* Mellie 3 the ingenue in Caramel.)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hello my little gumdrops!

Please allow me to introduce myself... I'm Linzi, an amateur builder, and photographer... Professional shopper extraordinaire! And newly hired publicist for the exceptionally beautiful Blowpop skins by none other than the lovely and talented Miss Annyka Bekkers! *end ass kissing the new boss*

Seriously, I'm way excited to FINALLY be doing something useful with my Second Life. Half finished building projects and blowing thousands of lindens on clothes every week can really only take a girl so for you know? I mean, I already did the 8 week SL pregnancy nightmare (Never again!) And I drive my school bus like a madwoman all over Greenies as often as possible ...So my options of new things to do were running pretty thin.

I hope that between this new blog, and my duties as Anny's personal slave... Erm, I mean... "Publicist" will keep me out of trouble at least a little. But not too much... Because them what would I write about on here??

Until next time!


(Pictured above: Yours truly wearing Babydoll's Black Polka Dot Bikini, ETD's Ginny hair in Blonde, and of course... Blowpop Mellie 2 - Fresh/clear gloss in Caramel)